Sometimes, when facing a new work, we are absorbed by the obligation to get it right and to succeed. This obligation converts itself into a conviction that robs us of the pleasure of getting lost along the way; it deprives us of taking a peek into unprecedented places and prevents us from exploring spaces and times of risk. In this first meeting on stage between Belén Maya and Niño de Elche, together with his accomplice on multiple journeys, Raul Cantizano, the three decided to abolish this obligation. YA! shows us the paths and hidden corners that these three artists have explored together, mutually surrendering to each other their different ways of understanding flamenco and its staging; on the one hand letting themselves drift into and on the other hand dragging each other into one another’s territory until reaching a commonplace where to blend the new language sprouted from this incredible encounter.

The show plays with and manipulates as it pleases a “cantología” performed by Niño de Elche, skillfully changing between various “palos” and forms of “cante” (the musical forms which constitute the traditional heritage of flamenco), which are repeated again and again. With each step the dancing, singing and the guitar become more sophisticated, completing the picture in an act of absolute scenic juggling, until going completely beyond the limits of the starting material.

YA! is the here and now, the immediacy of the present, and the spirit with which they are facing this work: without any tricks, without excuses, but with the sole intention of surrendering and delivering their best. It is the intention to join energies and experiences, and doing this with the wild freedom and the wonderful madness of restless artists who feel the need for a constant search and a move away from the comfort of the familiar terrain.

YA! is flamenco in its purest form, it is drama, humor and excellence. But above all, it is the desire to have fun and entertain the audience. The absolute connection between the three performers, the intimacy which exists between them and the stage, will also create this relationship of complicity with the audience, like someone who attends a rehearsal, participates and enjoys the artists’ attempts, their successes and failures and their powerful charisma.



Dance and choreography: Belén Maya

Cante (flamenco singing): Niño de Elche

Guitar – live music: Raúl Cantizano

Stage advice: Marilia Samper

Stage lighting: Manuel Colchero

Press: Manuel Moraga

Distribution: Pablo Leira

Productionassistant: José Manuel Navarro

Productionmanagement: Guiomar Fernández Troncoso


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