The whole experience altered my mind in its depth and virtuosity.
It was one of the most inspiring lectures I have attended.
Michelle H.

Belén Maya offers dancers choices and potential springboards
for moving and for making dance work.
Meira G.




Belen Maya, one of the most outstanding creators in flamenco dance of our time, explores new paths in dance pedagogy with this danced lecture demonstration about the creative process in flamenco works, from their very starting concept to the final performance on stage.

In this way BM completes her didactic approach with a deeper line of reflection, analysis and theory concept construction, based in her 30 years experience as teacher and professional dancer.


Available english and spanish, this danced lecture is  a fundamental step towards understanding  flamenco and will guide you, from tradition to present time, through a complex and ever changing landscape of movement, music, concept, emotions and creativity . Welcome to the world of never ending tools and possibilities of flamenco.

Belen Maya and musicians will perform to illustrate the lecture.

  • Searching for inspiration in the abstract.
  • Traditional creative process: the structure of palos (styles) and its deconstruction.
  • Music and dance, a creative partnership.
  • Flamenco codes: basic emotions, formal expression, freedom and limitation. Flamenco and gender.
  • Creative use of stage and musicians.


“Now, more than ever, creative completion in flamenco demands the knowledge and effective use of a complex system of elements. Creative process implies methodic and rigorous work of wich little is said in flamenco, much less explained or taught”.
Belén Maya


Belén Maya imparted this lecture demonstration in Seattle Central CommunityCollege, Duke University, Espacio de Cultura Hispánica: Espacio de Arte (Seattle, USA),Instituto Cervantes de Berlín.


“As astonishingly articulate in dance as she is in words (English at that), Belén opens a door to her rich and nuanced artistic process. She offers dancers choices and potential springboards for moving and for making dance work, and frankly describes her own career in a deeply personal and moving voice. In lecture demonstrations, master classes, and public conversations, Belén-descended from an illustrious dance lineage and a master artist in her own right- welcomes participants into flamenco’s history and genealogy, its structure and aesthetics, and its complicated layers of identity”.
Meira Goldberg MFA, EdD. Fashion Institute of Technology, Foundation for Iberian Music. CUNY Grad Center


“Maya talked about some of the concepts they would address: traditional vs. contemporary flamenco, transformation, process, codes, silence, gender, and structure, among others and she illustrated it with excerpts of other experimental artists: RocÍo Molina, Israel Galvan, MayteMartÍn, Olga Pericet and Juan Carlos Lérida. Later on she explained and performed the traditional alegrías structure, first in the traditional way and then in an improvised deconstruction, helped by guitarist and singer.”
Michelle Heffner Hayes, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, Department of Dance. University of Kansas


Belén Maya, pioneer (too) in flamenco dance pedagog

Very early in her career BM was widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the exploration of dancistic language, starting new paths later walked by many outstanding dancers of the next generation. BM has been one of the first to promote the big flamenco codes’ change of this century, making possible the coexistence of flamenco with other dance expressions. To make it short, she opened the gates of freedom on stage.

Now Belen Maya explores new methods in flamenco pedagogy, making available to dance schools, universities and all kinds of study forums regarding dance , her long, rich and creatively fruitful artistic background.




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